How to Power Your Imagination and Visualization

Our imagination and powers of visualization reside in the subconscious. Our willpower resides in the conscious brain. Your conscious brain represents one-sixth of your brain's thinking power. Our subconscious brain represents five-sixths of your brain's thinking power.

It is therefore quite easy to determine which part of our brain is more important to control?  The subconscious has five times the power of our conscious mind.  Therefore, anytime there is a conflict between willpower, which functions in the conscious mind (1/6), and imagination, which functions in the subconscious mind (5/6), the winner is the subconscious! Vsualization and imagination  trumps will power every time!

There is another scientific principle involved here. The mind sees only in pictures. If I were to ask you to close your eyes and remember what you did first thing after you got up this morning, you would see this in pictures. You would not see this written on a page of notebook paper in your mind!  Because you are aware of what you think consciously, your conscious mind can see things and think things through and filter out negative pictures and give thoughts (mind-pictures) true meaning or perception. However, the negatives from the subconscious thoughts cannot be filtered out because we are not even aware of what that thinking (or picture) is!

So when we say to ourselves, "I will not overeat!" our conscious mind (1/6) can give this true meaning, but the subconscious mind (5/6) sees a picture of, "Overeat!" "Overeat" (and lots of food)!  And our subconscious is an excellent listener and obeys us perfectly! It is not at all uncommon for people who want to lose weight to actually gain weight!  Have you ever said to your younger children, "Whatever you do, don't spill the milk!"? Five/Sixth of their brain, sees a perfect picture of what? That's right! "Spill the milk!" Most young children who listened well always spilled the milk.

Knowing the scientific basis, the solution is obvious!  Obviously, we have to access the subconscious mind and even more obviously, use the imaginative faculties to visualize all the positive benefits of reducing weight and becoming healthier.    In the above example, we can visualize doing all the things we are able to do after reducing weight, we can visualize the benefit of that goal.  Then the whole brain (1/6 + 5/6) is working in the same direction!  Willpower isn’t required anymore!

Willpower is overrated but, it's still important. The initial decision to change requires willpower. But once that decision to change is made with willpower, visualization and imagination is all that you will ever need! Procrastination slowly recedes, persistence and success and achievement take its place. You are programmed for success, automatically.

It takes about 21 to 30 days to create a neural pathway.  After about thirty days of imagining and visualizing, focused learning of new information or situations we are exposed to in our subconscious mind, the brain will have created a different neural pathway - neurons linking together in new ways - so that it will automatically take the steps necessary to reach your goals.  These new pathways become stronger the more they are used, causing the likelihood of new long-term connections and memories.   To know more about neuroplasticity, visit

Easier said than done?  Well it is not too difficult and definitely not impossible.  It does however require desire, dedication and practice.  And it does require a few minutes of your daily time, amidst all the routines.  Nirmiti Nidra ™ makes it easier to access the subconscious levels of your mind and by doing that, POWERS your imagination and visualization to greater heights.  It helps you to retain your focus on only those things that you want to achieve during those few minutes that you dedicate to yourself.

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