Do you talk to yourself?

An activity in which we all indulge in at various times and quite often during the day is having self-conversations.  Sometimes, this is done consciously when you know you are talking to yourself; at other times this is done unconsciously when you are not even aware that you are talking to yourself. 

Compared to what others tell us or about us (negatively), it is vitally important that you are extremely careful about what you are telling yourself.  This is because self-talk strongly influences our perception.  Perception is the way we see ourselves, others, situations and personalities. 

The first step therefore, even before you start anything else in your self-improvement strategies is to become fully aware of what you are telling yourself.  If this self-talk is channeled appropriately, they can be empowering and constructive; if not, they have the capacity to make you feel weaker and pull yourself down. 

Self-tallk has immense potential – far more than you realize – even when you realize it.  Unfortunately, the potential can be used both positively (in your own best interests) or negatively.  You can use self-talk to feel liberated or limited.  You can use self-talk to feel free or frustrated.  You can judge, criticize and condemn yourself.  You can also encourage and motivate yourself.  It is important that you create thoughts of acceptance, respect and approval for yourself by yourself. 

Do not be dependent on how people see you; your core needs to know that YOU love, respect, accept and approve of yourself.  It makes your inner self extremely powerful and feel appreciated! 

Positive self conversations are not fantasies or disconnecting from reality and a few minutes given to the activity do a lot of benefit and no harm at all. Although self-talk can be engaged in whilst driving, cooking, eating or walking, it is more powerful when your complete focus is on the conversation you are having with yourself doing nothing else at that time.  This means that you have dedicated optimal mental energy to the activity of talking to yourself.

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