How do YOU welcome the morning?

Nature is equipped with tools to help all of us in our spiritual well-being. In fact, other than humans, every other living being has retained the art of natural spiritual development.

Why you ask? The answer is simple. All of us are buried in a mechanical life. Consider how we get up each morning. Most of us are harried at the start of the day itself, and get into the highest gear as soon as we get up. We go about doing our chores mechanically and on to the rest of the day.

On the other hand consider our feathered friends. The crow for instance has its own unique style. When it wakes up in the morning it doesn't just get up and fly away in search of food. Crows sleep with their feathers over their body. When it wakes up it first raises one wing and has a peek around to welcome the day. It goes back to sleep and after a few minutes it rises slowly and greets the day.

Can't we adopt this technique to condition our fast paced lives? When you wake up in the morning, pause for sometime, welcome it with a smile. Pause and meditate on its beauty. Take just a moment --- it will not disrupt the mad rush that you believe, awaits you ahead. This one moment will leave you better equipped to handle the day ahead.

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