Meditating for Peace

A racing mind that reacts sensitively to little things indicates thinking that has lost its spiritual strength.  Meditation restores that strength.


Sit comfortably and relax.  Take three deep breaths.  If I were to ask you to imagine a point of subtle light between your two eyebrows, would you be able to do so?  Now visualize your star-like form and experience stability and contentment in this inner value of peace, inner peace is your own treasure.  Generally, at this stage, you can fully let go of all your concerns, tensions and worries and allow yourself to become deeply peaceful even as you continue to focus on your breath.  Focusing on your breath, continue to visualize this star-like form gently throbbing, vibrating and expanding – waves of energy radiating outwards towards the world.  Imagine this radiating energy giving the gift of peace and calm to all those in the outer world as it reaches them.   

As you radiate the power of your peace into the world, you do so with great love... As you give the gift of peace, with love, you are aware that you are able to serve others, reach out to others, in this invisible but extremely significant way. This awareness brings about a new sense of meaning in your life and you experience deep feelings of happiness within your heart. It is a happiness which takes the form of bliss, a bliss or satisfaction experienced as an invisible fruit received in return of unconditional serving. You realize that your peace does not live alone. True peace is that which is shared with others...

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