Affirmation Techniques that Nobody Ever Told You About

If you have been following this blog, you have by now learnt all about affirmations, started working on identifying limiting beliefs, got an insight into dealing with core beliefs and read the little known ways of adding muscle to your affirmations, which very few people share.  In fact, most books you read on positive thinking and affirmations would not have given you the bulk of the information that you gained through those four articles, don’t you agree?

This article then deals with a number of different techniques that you can use to supercharge your affirmations.  Remember, An affirmation is a statement that is repeatedly uttered with confidence and assertion about a perceived truth to program your subconscious mind and bring about a significant change in your life.  Acknowledge that these are beliefs, not truths! When you argue for your limitations, we get to keep them. You choose!  What you believe is true for you!!

Also remember one other very important thing – to combine behavioral conditioning with affirmations to ensure it works for you every time.  A toast to your success – I am happy for you! You do not have to attempt all the techniques simultaneously, but you do have to work with all of them, to check what feels just right for you and what works most effectively for you.

Verbal affirmations

Say your affirmations aloud if it is possible and say them silently if it is not possible, but do say them as often as you can.  Remember, affirmations are several times more effective in a state of mind where you are connected with your subconscious, then when you are migrating them into your subconscious through your conscious mind and the critical filter.  This is precisely what Nirmiti Nidra is all about.  The workshop also teaches you the optimal time and repetitions each day.

Written affirmations

Remember, speaking is a conscious activity, writing is a subconscious activity.  Writing your affirmations down makes it powerful and energizes it with willful action. Yet, writing with emotion mechanically is only a fraction as effective as writing it charged with emotion and feeling what you would like to feel when what you are affirming manifests in reality in your life.

Replacement affirmations

Become Aware (Beware) of your thoughts and observe each time you slip into a negative pattern of thinking.  Remember to acknowledge your thoughts, thank them and cancel them.  Thereafter, replace them instantaneously at that very moment with your positive affirmation.  If there are multiple repetitive thoughts across different areas of your life, replace each of them with an appropriate positive affirmation.

Walking affirmations

When you are out for a walk, take a note of all that the universe has gifted you by way of the nature around you.  Take time to notice each tree and every flower, acknowledge the divinity of the universe and thank it silently.  In that moment of focussed attention and acknowledgement of the divine, repeat your affirmations.

Yogic affirmations

To transform your life, you have to influence your subconscious mind.  One way is through Nirmiti Nidra, which imparts you with an easy, effortless way to get in touch with your subconscious mind.  Another way is through meditation.  Meditation gives your mind a break from the incessant stream of thoughts and allows you to devote your attention to one particular key subject.  So when you meditate by using breathing techniques, word techniques or by employing a guided meditation, once you can feel yourself to be in a meditative state meditate on your specific affirmation.   

Gratitude affirmations

Write a thank you note to the Universe.  State how you will feel when you have achieved the outcome you desire.  State how thankful you are and how grateful you would be to the Universe.  Thank the universe and creation umpteen times till you feel you have thanked it enough and then some more.  Make sure you describe all your feelings when your dream comes true.  And if you can also add what you will give back to the society and the universe when your affirmation manifests as reality, super!

Secret : There are a few other unknown, un-revealed, un-shared techniques that you can use – visualized affirmations, vibrational affirmations, creative affirmations and turbo-charged affirmations.  To learn these secrets, visit our facebook page click like” to become a follower, then click here.  You have to be a registered user to access this page (registration is free).

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