10 Powerful Affirmations for Lack of Confidence

Effective affirmations are highly personalized and often situational.  The same word can ean different things to different people.  The positive affirmation statements given below are for inspiration and not to be used directly unless they make complete sense to you.  Make sure you have read this before you proceed.  To explore techniques that go beyond mere repetition, click here.  Affirmations are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.

An affirmation practised under Nidra is a hundred times more effective than when practised consciously in normal waking state.

With every breath, I inhale confidence and exhale my fears and anxieties.

I approach people with enthusiasm, confidence and boldness.

I love, accept and approve of myself exactly as I am.

I am always safe and secure and live life courageously.

I choose to take charge of my own life and it is safe to do so.

I easily and effortlessly adapt myself to new situations.  I love change.

Every aspect of my personality exudes confidence and enthusiasm.

Every action that I take is full of courage and confidence.

I am self-reliant, creative and persistent in whatever I do.

I live joyously in the present moment and look forward to the future with courage, conviction and confidence.

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