20 Spiritual Benefits of Nirmiti Nidra

  1. Opens the pathway to the superconscious
  2. Connects you with your higher (inner) self
  3. Over a period of time, helps keep things in perspective
  4. Promotes peace of mind, calmness, bliss
  5. Can help you discover your purpose in life
  6. Fosters empathy and compassion towards all living beings
  7. Enhances wisdom and self-actualization
  8. Aids a better understanding of yourself and others
  9. Harmonizes body, mind and spirit
  10. Attain deepest levels of relaxation and meditation
  11. Accentuates concentrating on the inner power
  12. Affirmations to love, approve and accept oneself
  13. Carves the path towards forgiveness and oneness
  14. Positive attitude towards life
  15. A deeper more rewarding relationship with the Universe
  16. Persuades you gently to live in the present moment
  17. Opens your heart to love
  18. Discovery of power and consciousness beyond the ego
  19. Helps you experience a sense of Oneness with Creation
  20. Opens the pathway to Enlightenment

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