DEEP SLEEP Music for sleep problems

The goal of these tones of binaural beats is to slow down your brain waves and gradually produce Delta Waves -- the waves that your brain has while sleeping. The binaural beats combined with subliminal messages that will give you the touch of intensity and stimulation of sleep state.

The tones:

Base frequency 90hz Binaural Beats.

5.5hz Theta waves -- inner guidance and intuition; 4.9hz Theta -- relaxation and meditative state; 4hz Theta - Allows brain to produce all natural pain killer, reduce stress and stimulate good feeling, improve memory and problem solving; 3.4hz Delta -- deep sleep state; 0.5hz Delta -- low frequency, help headaches, migraines and back pain; 0.9hz Delta --Euphoric feeling 

** Do not listen to the binaural beats if -- you suffer from epilepsy or similar attacks, if you have mental disorder, if you're pregnant, if you have pacemaker, if you have high sensitivity for light, if you're under the influence of drugs or medications,

** Do not listen 30 minutes before operation machines or cars.


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